Get WinSCP


All right so what we’re going to do here is get what we call WinSCP or Windows Secure Copy Protocol.

Basically you could replace filezilla with this program.(This is what I do. Kind of forces me to use the correct secure protocols even though filezilla I know does SFTP there. I’m just not sure because I don’t use it, all the ins and out. So I’m going to show you the way I do it.)

But basically what you want to do is go to this address here ( We can go to the download page. You can download it and there’s also some extra stuff.

So we’ll go to downloads. And all you have to do again is get the installation package (right here, that’s the easiest way to do it.) And as you can see they recommend using puttygen which is what we’re going to use and that’s why we downloaded putty. It is as simple as that to get WinSCP.

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