All right so basically the first step of this is to get putty. I’m not going to go into setting it up. You can either read it or I’ll put out some other information later.

But what is putty? It’s basically a Telnet/SSH. An SSH stands for Secure Shell. It comes from the old Unix days but it’s a way for windows users to securely log-in to their Unix box; which is what most hosting companies provides.

So what this basically does is encrypt everything. Not just passwords but all your data is encrypted going back and forth. But this is what’s a secure shell. Most of you aren’t going to be working in the shell but I’m downloading this just so you could get some extra tools that come with putty. And if you want to get into using this secure shell, if your host allows you to have access to your post, then using an SSH is certainly the best way to go.

So basically, you can look it up in Google but you can see up here where the address is… (Kind of a long one. I’ll leave it up there for a sec. so you can get it), but what you want to do basically is just go to download obviously.

The easiest thing to do is just getting a windows installer (which is right here, the putty is 0.60 installer). If you want to be really diligent about it, you can get the RSA signature and it’ll tell you how to do that. Basically what you’re doing is verifying that that package hasn’t been tampered with because they create a signature and that allows it to be verified.

OK so once you’ve got putty installed I’ll show you a couple of tools.