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Global Business Strategies

Globalization Many people think of globalization as the transfer of jobs to foreign countries. While this is certainly one part of globalization, a true definition would have to include the interconnectedness of everything around us. The interconnections are evidence of the true nature of globalization. Especially in the free world, very little is produced or created in only one country. Parts, labor, and transport almost always cross international lines at some point in the product cycle. Even service industries are affected by globalization. Many services, or parts of the service, are now performed by people or companies in foreign lands. This is especially true since the internet has made borders disappear and places even the smallest companies in front of potentially millions of customers.

Importance Of Strategic Planning

Maywood Entertainment is a struggling music publishing company that specializes in ethnic music and ethnomusicology. Maywood Entertainment has been in existence for over 15 years, mainly to protect copyrights owned by the principals. The copyrights, and the finished products as well, have sat stagnant for many years with little flurries of activity when the possibility of exploiting one of the intellectual properties arises. No formal strategy has been initiated, and the tactical approach has been to react to either new ideas or licensing.

Why Strategic Planning is Important

Third party conflict resolution

There are many methods of conflict resolution. This fictitious case talks about third party conflict resolution. These cases can help you create a conflict resolution lesson plan. You should also look for other cases, and if necessary create your own theoretical problem based scenarios. You can also adapt this case to your own conflict resolution lesson.

Understanding and managing diversity

Many factors influence an individual’s behavior. In both personal and business settings understanding these factors improve an individuals or groups ability to function. Managers using this understanding of individual behavior have better results at influencing workplace behavior.

Organizational behavior terminology and concepts

Schermerhorn et al (2005), define organizational behavior (OB) as “the study of human behavior in organizations” (p. 3). OB uses scientific methods to test hypotheses. OB is also a multi-disciplinary study, taking knowledge from social and behavioral sciences and applying it to real-world situations.

Why is organizational behavior important to study? If people are an organizations most important asset then understanding how humans behave in organizations will improve productivity. Understanding OB allows better worker relations, more realistic expectations and improves job satisfaction.

Effective Team Building

Teams have existed in some form for as long as humankind and many books and articles have been written about how teams work. Most people have been on teams with mixed results. Teams can have a tremendous impact on an organizations performance, yet many organizations do not exploit them fully. Understanding teams is a crucial skill for managers to fully exploit the use of teams in their organization.

Automatically post to Twitter

DEPRECATED Use at your own risk.

Twitter is a good way to get publicity, but the biggest problem (at least for me) has always been keeping up with my tweets.

What Is Your Story

Or why nobody cares.
I was talking to a few internet marketers the other day and we were discussing what makes a "guru." This is a topic that not many people really think about, at least not the people I talk to.

We all agreed though that anyone interested in internet marketing should be asking why person X is a guru. By the way, several of them were "gurus" in their own fields, and yes, we were drinking home brew at my house. Sorry, I like beer, and that is my beer site (in case you are new around here).

Use Keywords In Your Page Titles

Most SEO "experts" recommend using keywords for the page titles. Don't confuse the title tag with the meta tags, but you should still consider all search engine optimization within the context of the entire picture. The text that you place in the title tag (i.e. between the <title> and </title> section) appears in the title bar of all modern browsers when the web page is viewed. Don't be concerned that many browsers will also append what is in the title tag with their own name. An example of this is "Your Cool Title - Mozilla Firefox". Just look at the top of this page to see what your browser adds.

Just Hit Unsubscribe

I was at an event for internet marketers last weekend and a common theme came up. Who should I follow? I have to say the the IM (internet marketing) space is the most polluted narcissistic, good ol' boy club there is. People will argue with me, people that make more money than me will argue with me, that I am full of crap, and if you don't promote anyone's JV, then no one will promote yours. Well, guess what, I only promote the products of those I respect.

What is economics

Economics is a new science and according to Heilbroner (1999) the  first economist was Adam Smith who lived in the late eighteenth century.  Economics is also called the “dismal” science, a phrase coined by  Thomas Carlyle in reaction to the pessimistic predictions of another  economist, Malthus (Dixon, n.d.). The phrase is also appropriate due to  most economists being absolute pragmatists and never promising anything  except every advantage having an associated disadvantage.

Law of supply and demand

Supply and demand are probably the most recognized economics related   words. Even though they are commonly used, the true definition is   probably a little different from what most people think. Demand should   not be confused with want. People want many things, but if they are not   willing to pay for them, no demand exists. Similarly, supply deals with   salable or usable goods, and all other factors being equal, as demand   increases, the price goes up. Supply is more complicated than demand  and  an additional explanation shows that as long as long as costs stay  the  same, a higher price equals more profit. Therefore, a company will   increase output (Colander, 2004, p. 91).

Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence is simply how an individual perceives the world around them (Rowe, 2004). Rowe (2004) continues to point out that any act which is new and has a useful outcome can be considered as using creative intelligence . This opens the door for many different types of creativity and allows for all individuals to be creative. While certain individuals are more certainly more creative than others everyone has the potential for creativity, and no one falls into only one of the following four styles; all individuals have a somewhat unique combination of all four. As a side note, I am also familiar with the Kolbe index, which is a validated method of “measuring instinct-based actions” (, n.d.,  1).

LLC Vs corporation case study

Case Study - XYZ Enterprises
Many factors go into entity selection and XYZ Enterprises has a few unique issues related to its business type. The main value in XYZ Enterprises is its copyrights. Copyrights are protected, in the United States, for 70 years after the death of the last surviving author (United States Copyright Office, 2006). This applies to any works created after December 31, 1977. If XYZ bought rights to any material created before January 1, 1978, the period would be shorter but still long enough to outlive most authors.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Even though not always seen as fair, alternative dispute resolution can save litigants money. Because of the money saving potential Cheeseman notes, “approximately 90% of all lawsuits are settled prior to trial” (2004, p. 4). Another consideration when deciding whether or not to go to trial is the potential financial return from any litigation. Court costs may be higher than any monetary award, and may damage the good-will or reputation of the organization.